Ah yes, the Hoenn Region. One of my favorites and one I’ve spent countless hours replaying, sometimes with the same Pokémon, sometimes choosing different ones.

The original games, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, I have played 2. Sapphire and Emerald. Mostly because I like Kyogre more than Groudon and I love Rayquaza!

There will be two different sets of Pokémon as depending on the version (original or re-make) I tend to choose different Pokémon as there is now Mega Evolution in the newer games.

Let’s get started!

POKÉMON  (Sapphire/Emerald)-

-Treeko: I love Treeko. It stands to me to be the best starter of these games and I almost always choose it. It makes a great, fast grass type and csn learn other moves besides grass.

-Ralts: Well, who doesn’t like Ralts? Ralts is one Pokémon I ALWAYS use, because it’s just so good! It has amazing special attack and decent speed.

-Tentacool: For a common Pokémon, it’s very good at what it does. I suggest Clear Body for an ability as it’s more useful than Liquid Ooze. It’s a great special wall and attacker, especially for being a dual type with water and poison!

-Minun/Electrike: Another one where I flip-flop between two different Pokémon every playthrough I do. Electrike does have the better ability with Static, but I’ve always loved both these Pokémon and they’re very good at what they’re for.

-Trapinch: Flygon is by far my favorite dragon type of all, and that’s why I use it. There’s many dragon Pokémon in the game, especially with Drake, and Flygon is damn good at what it is for. Amazing attack and speed. It does take awhile to evolve, but if you can get it up to level 45, you can have one too!

-Numel: Numel is a very good Pokémon! I always love using it because it’s got such an amazing special attack stat and the moves it learns just compliment it so well! It can have Flamethrower and Earthquake!

POKÉMON (Alpha Sapphire):

-Mudkip: I find in the newer games, Mudkip works the best. It’s Mega Evolution is so good, may look a bit weird, but powerful nonetheless. Plus, Surf and Earthquake!

-Shroomish: Shroomish is a fantastic grass/fighting type. It deals lots of damage and has a pretty diverse moves.

-Cosplay Pikachu: I love Pikachu and will use it if it doesn’t come too late in the game and you csn get this one in Slateport City after you’ve entered a Pokémon contest there. It also comes with draining kiss, which is always helpful!

-Ralts: I use Ralts in this game too, because now it’s a part fairy type and that always comes in handy!

-Swablu: When Mega Evolved, it becomes a Dragon/Fairy type! It’s really good with Special Defense and has pretty good Special Attack as well!

-Numel: Love it for the same reasons I mentioned earlier!


That’s it for this game!

© Mollie Maxine