I would just like to say that I never played the original Gold, Silver, and Crystal games.

These games are amazing, mostly because it gives you a sense of nostalgia because you get to go back through the Kanto Region after the main story!

Many diverse and good Pokémon live in the Johto Region, but these are the ones I personally normally choose.


-Chikorita: I know, it’s supposed to be “Johto’s hard mode,” but I have always had the easiest time going through the game with it. It’s so useful, a bit on the slow side, but very useful nonetheless.

-Mareep: There really isn’t many Electric types to choose from, but Mareep is very good. It’s a slow electric type, which is unusual, but it has very good special defense and special attack and can get the job done.

-Spearow: I don’t like Pidgey, it’s just not a good Pokémon I find in many playthroughs I’ve done over the years, so next best is Spearow. Spearow is very fast and learns great attacks and it once help me beat Morty after I used Mirror Move.

-Magmar/Vulpix: In every playthrough of this game, I always switch between these two fire types. Magmar is definitely better than Vulpix in terms of stats and moves, but sometimes the cute little Vulpix gets a chance. I find both of them do fairly well when I raise them.

-Eevee/Vaporeon: Who doesn’t use Eevee in a playthrough? I certainly do! And I usually go to grind points in the Pokéathlon Dome to get a water stone to evolve it into Vaporeon. Vaporeon has always served me well, no matter which game I play!

-Dratini: Who doesn’t use Dratini? It’s a Dragon type which is fairly hard to come by, and it’s a powerhouse at that! There is Two ways to get it easily, one is to play Voltorb flip in Goldenrod City and get your points up to 2100 or answer questions in the Dragon’s Cave after you beat the eighth gym leader, Clair.


And that’s it for this Pokémon game!

© Mollie Maxine