I am a feminist. My boyfriend is a feminist. That said, there is a fine line between being a feminist and a feminazi. This is by no means everything that doesn’t make you a feminist, but it is some things. 

The definition of Feminism according to Webster Dictionary is:

“the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.”


You are NOT a feminist if:

-You think your body type is better than a different one.

-You attack other women/men based on the clothing they wear, makeup, or any other physical attribute.

-You think all men are the same.

-You speak out against women being raped, abused or sexually harassed, but ignore the men that go through the same thing.

-You think a man should pay for everything when you go out.

-You think women are superior, or inferior to men.

-You would vote for a woman over a man simply because she is a woman.

-You assume that only women can be feminists.

-You think all men are pigs and only want sex.

-You think all women should shave everything.

-You makes jokes about a woman or their body and then get mad when men or another women does the same thing.

-You treat men and women differently.

-You hit a man/woman and then either get mad because they hit you back, or you expect them to be more respectful of you. NO. KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF.

-True feminism is supposed to be egalitarian between men and women.

-You like and/or support that misogynistic, racist bastard most people know as Donald Trump.


So, I’m a feminist. Are you?

© Mollie Maxine