Mollie Maxine

The Wolf Queen


February 2016

Poetry: Melody of Love

“Melody of Love”

Dedicated to my love, Jesse. You completed my song. 

I have this little melody stuck in my head
I can’t figure it out quite yet
If I go to bed
It’ll go away I bet

Still there in my mind
Where did it come from?
Maybe it came from behind
It’s not anything dumb

This little melody has grown now
Is it because of you?
Do not frown
Is this true?

I need to figure this out
I’ve never sung it aloud
For myself I doubt
I don’t want to be on a cloud

This little melody is telling me something
Though I don’t know what
This is not just a fling
We both have grown up

It hasn’t been very long
But I feel I’ve known you for a long time
Somewhere I hear a gong
This feeling is so sublime

I can here the same tune
Singing to me right now
It seems to be coming from you
All I can say is wow

This feeling is something new
Like nothing ever before
And it sings for only you
And you open my closed door

No matter how big or small
Like a sword that can pierce anything
You broke down my walls
That I had placed all around me

This little melody has become louder
It’s almost here
I can hear it with such power
It’s like my cure

How is this so?
That we bleed the same melody
I need to know
How can this be?

You and I
Were brought together by a higher source
We both know that’s no lie
and by the melody of course

I know you want me to sing this amazing tune
But I’m so scared
Here even with you
As we lie there bare

With nothing left to say
As we both dance together
You start to walk away
In the nightly weather

I need to say it this moment
This melody that’s been stuck
To this man who is an absolute gent
I’m going to need a lot of luck

I’m so nervous
Here goes nothing
I’ll say it with a kiss
And I know I’m not doubting

I don’t want to sing it
What if I get hurt again?
The melody is so perfect
Is it possible to send?

I can’t do it
I’m just too scared
What if we’re not a perfect fit?
What if you really don’t care?

And as I turn to walk away
You turn around, pull me close and say
I have this little melody too
It’s telling me that I’m in love with you

I’m in shock
Why do you love me?
Are you the one who holds a key to this lock?
Is love the melody?

I now know what this is
This melody I cannot ignore
Like the rapturous kiss
I feel it deep in my core

In this moment with you
I know I’m in love with you too
Not from my mind do I know this
But from my heart that you kiss

You take me in your arms
As I gather the courage to say these words
That you did with such charm
My mind is no longer blurred

Here I go
I say I’m in love with you too
You say you already know
And you never want us to fall through

I truly hope it does not end
Because this melody sounds so amazing
It sings a tune I cannot send
And the tune of how we came to be

The melody!
I can hear it so clearly!
The tune of you and me!
How can this be?

I never knew what love was like
Until I met you
So take my hand
And follow me to the future

You and I don’t need a song
You and I don’t have to say a word
You and I won’t ever be wrong
Because all our hurt is cured

So pull me closer
And hold me near
Our hearts and minds are one
And oh so clear

I need you in my life
I want to stay forever too
So please don’t leave
And I’ll stay here with you

I need you with me always
I’ll love you forever and a day
And if you promise to stay by my side
I’ll be there wherever you lay

I can feel your love
And I hope you feel mine
We’ll help each other through everything
And always be on cloud nine

This melody between us
Cannot be undone
For we are such bliss
It shines brighter than the sun

With a man who loves me with all his heart
Our love is what people would consider beautiful art
And a melody of such pristine delight
Our love shines brighter than any light.


© Mollie Maxine


You Are NOT A Feminist if….

I am a feminist. My boyfriend is a feminist. That said, there is a fine line between being a feminist and a feminazi. This is by no means everything that doesn’t make you a feminist, but it is some things. 

The definition of Feminism according to Webster Dictionary is:

“the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.”


You are NOT a feminist if:

-You think your body type is better than a different one.

-You attack other women/men based on the clothing they wear, makeup, or any other physical attribute.

-You think all men are the same.

-You speak out against women being raped, abused or sexually harassed, but ignore the men that go through the same thing.

-You think a man should pay for everything when you go out.

-You think women are superior, or inferior to men.

-You would vote for a woman over a man simply because she is a woman.

-You assume that only women can be feminists.

-You think all men are pigs and only want sex.

-You think all women should shave everything.

-You makes jokes about a woman or their body and then get mad when men or another women does the same thing.

-You treat men and women differently.

-You hit a man/woman and then either get mad because they hit you back, or you expect them to be more respectful of you. NO. KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF.

-True feminism is supposed to be egalitarian between men and women.

-You like and/or support that misogynistic, racist bastard most people know as Donald Trump.


So, I’m a feminist. Are you?

© Mollie Maxine


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