I really love the Pokémon series. Both the anime and the games.

I have not played all the games, but I have played most of the main series and a few non-main series ones such as Mystery Dungeon and Pokémon Conquest. I’ll explain why I love these games and which Pokémon I usually choose. Enjoy!

I will do separate blog posts on the games I’ve played because it would be way too long otherwise.



Fire Red & Leaf Green- I love the Kanto region. I personally prefer the Pokémon in this as they are the original 151 and my favorite Pokémon is here! Team Rocket is the original evil team and the twist that Giovanni is actually the 8th gym leader is really cool too. Gary is by far my favorite rival in the games because he’s actually pretty tough, even though playing it now doesn’t seem like it since I know what I’m doing now, compared to when I was younger and he’s the champion!


~Charmander- I personally absolutely love Charizard. It’s just so powerful and it looks like a dragon (in this game it doesn’t mega evolve), and I love dragons.

~Pikachu- This is my favorite Pokémon and always will be. It can take a bit of time to find it in Viridian Forest, but I still look for it the same. It may not be good at defense, but it has really great speed and special attack. I always use it in this game. I NEVER EVOLVE IT BECAUSE I DON’T LIKE RAICHU AND JUST CAN’T GET MYSELF TO EVER DO SO.

~Nidoran♂- I usually choose the male Nidoran because it’s more offensive and has better speed than the female. Plus, earthquake and same-type attack bonus!

~Vaporeon- When you get to Celadon City, you have the chance to get an Eevee and I like to buy a water stone from the department store and evolve it into Vaporeon. It always serves me well when I replay the games.

~Aerodactyl- I ALWAYS choose Aerodactyl, even though recovering it from the fossil from Pewter City, you receive it at level 5. I just use the VS. seeker to rematch low level trainers until I can get it up to the levels of my other Pokémon team members. Aerodactyl is amazingly fast and great at attacking! Plus, it can learn TM01 Dragon Claw, which is always useful against Lance.

~Oddish- Other than Bulbasaur, there’s not much grass-types in game. I prefer Oddish over Bellsprout and Paras because it learns better moves. It’s a bit slow, like most grass-types are, but has an amazing special attack and is pretty good defensively, as well. It’s also a dual type, being part poison as well, so it takes normal damage from poison attacks and can’t be poisoned!


So, that’s it for this game. I hope you enjoyed at it helped you a little bit! Thanks for reading!

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