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January 2016

Poetry: Express Yourself

“Express Yourself”

Most things in life aren’t fair
We don’t always get our way
Do more stuff you wouldn’t dare
Express yourself everyday

Love the one your with 
Love with all your heart
Is love just a myth?
No, because love is art

Follow me 
To a place of wild imagination and wonder
Where all your cares run free
Where you’ll go up, down, sideways and under

Follow your dreams
But catch them too
Nothing is ever as it seems
So, just be you

I hope you never miss
The perfect fit
What you take from this
Shall be what you make of it


© Mollie Maxine 


Pokémon Games: Fire Red & Leaf Green

I really love the Pokémon series. Both the anime and the games.

I have not played all the games, but I have played most of the main series and a few non-main series ones such as Mystery Dungeon and Pokémon Conquest. I’ll explain why I love these games and which Pokémon I usually choose. Enjoy!

I will do separate blog posts on the games I’ve played because it would be way too long otherwise.



Fire Red & Leaf Green- I love the Kanto region. I personally prefer the Pokémon in this as they are the original 151 and my favorite Pokémon is here! Team Rocket is the original evil team and the twist that Giovanni is actually the 8th gym leader is really cool too. Gary is by far my favorite rival in the games because he’s actually pretty tough, even though playing it now doesn’t seem like it since I know what I’m doing now, compared to when I was younger and he’s the champion!


~Charmander- I personally absolutely love Charizard. It’s just so powerful and it looks like a dragon (in this game it doesn’t mega evolve), and I love dragons.

~Pikachu- This is my favorite Pokémon and always will be. It can take a bit of time to find it in Viridian Forest, but I still look for it the same. It may not be good at defense, but it has really great speed and special attack. I always use it in this game. I NEVER EVOLVE IT BECAUSE I DON’T LIKE RAICHU AND JUST CAN’T GET MYSELF TO EVER DO SO.

~Nidoran♂- I usually choose the male Nidoran because it’s more offensive and has better speed than the female. Plus, earthquake and same-type attack bonus!

~Vaporeon- When you get to Celadon City, you have the chance to get an Eevee and I like to buy a water stone from the department store and evolve it into Vaporeon. It always serves me well when I replay the games.

~Aerodactyl- I ALWAYS choose Aerodactyl, even though recovering it from the fossil from Pewter City, you receive it at level 5. I just use the VS. seeker to rematch low level trainers until I can get it up to the levels of my other Pokémon team members. Aerodactyl is amazingly fast and great at attacking! Plus, it can learn TM01 Dragon Claw, which is always useful against Lance.

~Oddish- Other than Bulbasaur, there’s not much grass-types in game. I prefer Oddish over Bellsprout and Paras because it learns better moves. It’s a bit slow, like most grass-types are, but has an amazing special attack and is pretty good defensively, as well. It’s also a dual type, being part poison as well, so it takes normal damage from poison attacks and can’t be poisoned!


So, that’s it for this game. I hope you enjoyed at it helped you a little bit! Thanks for reading!

© Mollie Maxine









Poetry: Smile :)


This a poem I wrote my sophomore year of high school, 6 years ago, to remind me that there are so many things to smile and be happy about and it’s based off a book’s title that I read, it was called “Smiles to go“.

Smile for a picture
Smile for your favorite color
Smile for him with her
Smile for another
Smile at your death bed
Smile at me
Smile at the one that lead
Smile at the happy
Smile at rhymes
Smile at anyone you know
Smile a million times 
And realize you only have one more smile to go.


© Mollie Maxine


Top 10 Favorite Anime

This is my personal opinion on anime. 🙂

10. Sailor Moon- This is at number 10 because it’s basically just the same thing every episode, there’s really no character growth in the characters until the very later episodes. However, it does give me a sense of nostalgia as I watched it as a child. It also makes me want to go out and help people.


9. Inuyasha- Same thing as Sailor Moon. It does have amazing action and a good plot to it.


8. Puella Magi Madoka Magica- This is a very good anime with a great plot. Some of the characters have development, most do not. It has some sad parts as well. It has an amazing plot twist! It however, does not have very smart characters.


7. Black Butler- This anime has well-rounded characters, but hardly any of them has any development. Ciel, the main character, relies on his demon butler way too much, but it does have a very good plot that could be confusing until halfway through season 2.


6. Case Closed- Very good characters, but most of them are just annoying. It has basically the same plot every episode; some of the characters are dumb downed compared to the main character, Jimmy/Conan.


5. Fairy Tail- This is by far one of the best. It has amazing characters who do grow a little throughout the series. It has very good multiple plot twists and just plot in general, each character has their own goals. The filler episodes are kind of boring, but makes sense because it has so many episodes.
It has very good action, much better than Inuyasha. Plus, there’s a lot of different types of magic.


4. Ultimate Otaku Teacher- First and foremost, he has crazy names for students, such as Facepunch, Options, Potatoes, Cyborg, etc. THE REFERENCES!! Such as: Legend of Zelda, F-Zero, Case Closed, Attack on Titan, etc. He has… very interesting teaching methods, but they do always end up teaching good morals and life lessons. Although, he is way too obsessed with anime.


3. Tokyo Ghoul- This anime has very good characters with back stories, but not much character growth until the last episode in Season 1. It is also a little slow-paced, but has some action that is good, but not too much. It is definitely not for the faint of heart, or the squeamish.


2. Death Note- This anime has some of the best characters of all, but only 1 character has growth and not in a good way. You get attached to most of the characters, and then they might die, kind of like Game of Thrones! One of the best cat and mouse games. The shinigami, gods of death, are so awesome and they sometimes have more personality than some of the humans. Oh, and Misa. She is easily the most annoying as fuck anime characters ever.


ATTACK ON TITAN- This anime is by far my favorite of all time. It has so much action and it is actually fantastic! It has the best characters I have ever seen and they all have character development, which is rare. If any characters ever define badassery, it’s Levi and Mikasa. The pace of this anime is very good, not too fast and not too slow and the plot and multiple plot twists are so awesome! However, along with Tokyo Ghoul, it’s not for the faint of heart or squeamish. The Titans could also cause nightmares, if you get those easily, so it’s definitely not for kids. It plays with your emotions so many times. The first season is so good and I recommend it to almost everyone. Also, season 2 will be coming in February, subbed of course.


And that is my Top 10 Favorite Anime. This is of course my opinion and I haven’t seen all anime, but if you want to, you can recommend some and I’ll check them out and do reviews on them. 🙂 Thanks!

© Mollie Maxine

What Pisses Me Off About Clothing Stores

You know what pisses me off about clothing stores?

-That I can never find a bra my size hardly anywhere (42 DD).


-An XL person must have small boobs because why not.

-Different sizes fit me IN EVERY SINGLE STORE.

-All the A-C cups get cute bras.

-That I can NEVER shop for jeans online because all of them fit differently.

-When something is at one price and then you pay for it AND IT COSTS MORE THAT WHAT THE TAG SAID.

-I can’t shop for clothes at most of the stores in the mall because everything is made for smaller people or bigger people than me.

-That things are way overpriced.

-Stores that only cater to a certain size.

-Mannequins are only skinny.

-Some dressing rooms are really small.

-That many places don’t sell bikinis for bigger women.

-They look down upon anyone going into a dressing room with you, especially if you have a significant other. I’m not going to have sex in a tiny ass space.

-Bigger women don’t have as much fashion choices as skinny women.

That being said, this doesn’t apply to ALL clothing stores. Also, my favorite stores are Wal-Mart and Target. 

© Mollie Maxine


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